Kindness can change

It is what it isn’t…how kindness makes a difference

A thought from the desk of Clare Mullen

During my last Gestalt* training weekend, I was reminded of something that I first learned when I was introduced to the idea of complex adaptive systems and our role in them.

We are all changed by the interactions we have with others

Each interaction you have today will change the world. As captured in the Sliding Doors films, every decision you make sets off a potentially different chain of events.

We can’t control how people experience us

But we can control what we put out into the world. With the focus on kindness this month (with Australia’s national kindness day on 6 November and World Kindness Day on 13 November), how might the world be different if everyone chose kindness as their intention?

Intentions drive perceptions

If I ask you now to focus on everything in your environment that’s red (and assuming you do that!), you’ll see more red things than you might otherwise have noticed. Changing your intention changes your awareness.

What intention could you set that would change your experience of the world?

I believe if I decide to look for kindness, I’ll see more kindness. And if I decide to be more kind, there will be more kindness for others to see.

The world is now different because I wrote this article

It is now, what it wasn’t before. As a minimum, it’s reminded me to set an intention to see kindness and be more kind.

So…how could you change the world today?

*Gestalt is an experiential form of psychotherapy that emphasises personal responsibility, and that focuses upon the individual’s experience in the present moment. A powerful tool when used to support an organisation’s drive towards higher performing teams and shared vision.


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