What we offer

We deliver Human resources and business improvement services and advice to protect and grow your business and help you and your team thrive.

Quite simply, we integrate as a member of the team providing reliable and professional outsourced Hr management - from simple robust contract creation through to strategic Hr planning and activities that support the business plan and vision.


We turn strategy into action...

With a growing team who practice what they preach and decades of combined knowledge, Quantum Hr have a proven ability to support all sized businesses in very diverse industries.

We can offer this level of expertise because of our extensive hands-on experience managing practical Hr for growing SME businesses, implementing strategic people capability on global resource projects or managing the HR function as part of the leadership team for an organisation.

The Q-Model

QHr have developed the Q-Model for helping us bring this knowledge and experience into the one framework.

3 simple stages

Our model is based on three key stages that guide both People and Business lifecycles (the central hub of our Q Model).

  1. Building People and the Business
  2. Growing People and the Business
  3. Evolving People and the Business

The outer ring are the PEOPLE needs of the business. For example, what stage is the individual 'employee' in their lifecycle? This will help identify Hr activities that might be needed.

The middle ring are the BUSINESS lifecycle stages. The People needs of the business will alter at stage of this lifecycle.

At a glance, it now becomes easy for a business leader to identify when PEOPLE and BUSINESS needs are misaligned - and what has lead to this occurring.

By doing so, we help any size business understand where they are in their people journey and what needs to be in place for a future *great* company striving for their Purpose.


Quantum HR has made our lives easier by being available whenever we require them when we have to deal with matters regarding staffing, compliance forms, training and any general HR enquiries.