Human recruiting


A Bit About Our Approach

Our team of Hr professionals are experienced and internally TRAINED to recruit – and unlike a recruitment agency, are trained in how recruitment and selection benefit the full EMPLOYEE LIFECYCLE.

As HUMAN resources professionals, we also know that to aim for better candidate and company experiences means matching people to the Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission of our Clients.


What makes us different


All our team undergo the QHr Masterclass on recruitment and selection before undertaking work for a Client. This Masterclass has been internally developed based on extensive experience gained from agency work, managing global recruitment campaigns and the practical needs of the Australian SME business owner.

It offers Clients and applicants alike a more consistent and professional experience.

Access to contemporary Hr

Every recruitment campaign is backed by experienced human resources specialists.

This helps ensure that every campaign is managed with expert advice covering compliance and employment issues through to insights on issues that might impact future behaviours, performance or belonging.

Unique processes

From the moment we take your Job Brief, you will experience our unique insights into both your role and the humans likely to fit in with your values and culture.

For applicants and candidates, this will also transparently help them understand if this is the right move - from the moment they read the ad through to accepting a job offer.

Our processes are designed to increase the integration of the person into the organisation - and not to 'line our pockets' with fees.


Experience a human way of recruiting

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