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Why you could learn to love HR (like I did)!

I’ve tended to stray from regularly talking about RAW HR and after some questions recently, I thought it would be helpful to put out some further information on what makes the RAW HR team tick and why we do what we do.

First, let me set a scene…imagine if you had an extra day each week to work on your business, (or to spend however you choose)?

  • Example 1 – you need to take on another staff member, but don’t have time to deal with the work you already have, let alone think about job descriptions, ads and handling all the job applications…
  • Example 2 – you have a thorny issue with a team member that you’ve tried to handle, but it still needs to be fixed…
  • Example 3 – you’re thinking about growing your team in the next 12 months, and want to work through how to do that without impacting on the people you employ at the moment…

If you worked in a larger organisation, these examples are all issues you would be able to turn to your HR manager for help with. A quick call, a wander down the corridor, and after chatting with someone who knows you, your team and the business you’d have the confidence in knowing you were going to be able to get professional help with these issues and you could get on with the other pressing issues on your to-do list.

Industry standard benchmarks suggest you need 2 HR people per 100 employees.

In other words, for each 10 people you employ in your business, ideally you’d have an HR manager on hand for 1 day a week to help take care of all the people issues that people tend to bring. What would you do with an extra day a week?

Reliable professional HR – paying only when you need it

These are just some of the examples we had in mind when we set up RAW Human Resources. As a senior HR professional, with over 18 years of experience with medium and large firms, I’ve been that trusted HR colleague for many people over the years. Someone could wander past my office, drop in for a quick chat, and leave feeling reassured that they were going to be able to solve their people problems, and that they weren’t alone in dealing with them. They had peace of mind.

Small and medium-sized businesses have the same needs and obligations as their big corporate cousins but can’t afford the overheads of having an HR professional on the payroll – so what can they do right?

For a fraction of the cost – paid as you go, or in affordable monthly instalments with no lock-in contracts – small and medium businesses can now rely on the new ‘gig-economy’ consultants like RAW Human Resources for professional expert advice, that delivers great value to their business.

Help us get to know you, your team and your business

Just as with your book-keeper and your accountant, it’s a good idea to build an ongoing relationship with your HR consultant. Before you choose an HR partner, we recommend you meet with the people who’ll be dealing with your enquiries. You’re likely to be calling on them when you’re facing some tricky and potentially awkward issues in your business. You want to know, like and trust the person you’ll be dealing with.

When we work with a new client, we’re happy to invest the time upfront to get to you know you and your business as we know that means we can add more value right away. It also makes it more enjoyable for us!

We have a number of simple audit tools to help you identify what people issues you need to focus on first. Then, we’ll meet with you regularly to keep the plan on track. As well as being available by email or ‘phone to answer any quick questions you might have.

We’re also happy to attend your general management meetings – you wouldn’t think of having a meeting about your business’s future without having someone there to focus on the dollars. Let us be the person in your meetings who’s focusing on the people – so you can keep your business-wide focus.

Tell us the facts about your business – yep, even the icky bits – and the earlier the better

The more we know, the more relevant our advice and support can be. With the years of combined experience Clare and I both bring to providing practical people solutions, we can support you to identify and manage the risks that come with a growing business full of people. We pride ourselves on providing workable, practical advice that helps you build a strong business while working within the law.

Trust us to be across the latest in HR issues and practice – freeing your time up for other things

When the President of the Fair Work Commission agrees that the Australian award system is too complicated, it’s fair to say – it’s complicated!

Fortunately, I love the “technical” compliance parts of HR as much as the “art-like” elements such as dealing with people in difficult circumstances. This means I’m always reading and keeping up to date with the latest in legal issues, as well as good practice in building thriving teams. We pass that on to our clients through our regular newsletter and social media posts, as well as passing on relevant industry-specific content when it comes up.

Give us your honest feedback

We like feeling part of your team. We want you to think of us like your HR manager and so we value candid feedback on how it is to work with us, and whether we’re helping you to achieve your outcomes. We have a standard quality assurance questionnaire we can provide to all clients, but we prefer to practice open and direct feedback – both positive and “constructive”! We do this ourselves so like to practice what we preach, as many of our clients can attest to.

If you’d like to catch up over a coffee to learn more about how you can use an HR consultant to lighten your load and take some of the pressure off as you grow your business, call me now for a no-obligation chat (0478 209 508) or email me directly from here.

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