Job descriptions: helping small business

A written job description can help you, your business and your employee to thrive.

All businesses suffer when an employee’s performance isn’t meeting the needs of the business. Often when looking into the issue, the employee isn’t always completely clear on what’s required of them, or how they fit into the business (see our earlier article on this topic). Other businesses have a blank-page approach to the role and then find out too late that not considering (or confirming with the employee) what’s right for their business can lead to trouble.

A simple clear job description can help:

Your business
  • a clear job description demonstrates your professional approach to potential employees and can signal the level of quality that you’re looking for in new team members. It’s also part of the recruitment and on-boarding process – allowing you to find the right person and communicate about your company values and positioning too
Your new team member
  • being clear about what’s expected of them when they start a new job can help to minimise any first day nerves, freeing the new employee up to focus on delivering in the job

A quick Google search comes up with over 4 million templates for job descriptions online, so finding examples to use won’t be your problem. In WA, the Department of Training and Workforce Development provides guidance and templates for small businesses who are recruiting, as does the national Fair Work Ombudsman, who also provides free online training for employers.

Having said that, given the benefit of an effective job description for your business’s success, if you get to the stage of head scratching and want cost-effective help to develop a tailored job description template for your business, contact Rob for a friendly chat to see how we can help.

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