Have you updated your overtime and shift rates yet?

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) regularly publishes updates to aspects of National System workplace laws. In case you missed it, in December 2017, the FWC published its final decision relating to the treatment of overtime rates and other entitlements in some modern awards. These changes centred on part time and casual employees and took effect from the first full pay cycle commencing on or after 1st January this year.

Broadly speaking, the changes introduced overtime rates for casual employees in most of these awards and altered how part-time hours are to be worked in others (meaning greater flexibility to adapt to working conditions – a plus in our mind).

The treatment of casual and part time entitlements varies between awards, so you need to go through the detail of each award that applies to your business.

Click the links below to find out what the changes are to the current modern awards affected:

If you’re not in the above list of industries, don’t rest just yet. There is an expectation that more amendments will be likely as the FWC finalises their decisions during the course of this year. This will include the finalising of a model clause for casual conversion (watch out for our next article on this soon).

If you’re not sure you’re covered by one of the above awards, use the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Find my award to be sure.

And if you already know but want a sense check as to the rates and penalties, go to the FWO Pay Calculator and Pay Guides for the current information.

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