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In our travels, we are often asked some standard and not so standard questions.

For those who have asked questions from time to time, you probably already know that Rob will have an answer – but will often then surprise you with a follow up email with links and further reading because, well, he is a happiest when researching and giving advice!

We decided to share some of the most recent answers to questions we have been asked, knowing that you might have already been asking these yourself.

Do casuals get overtime?

Long story short, in many cases they do. You need to carefully read an award that covers either your industry or employed occupations as the rules can be slightly different.

For instance, casuals in the Hospitality industry have different overtime based on:

Restaurant award

  • more than 38 hours per week, or an average of 38 hours per week over a roster cycle (which may not exceed 4 weeks)
  • more than 12 hours per day or shift

Fast Food Industry award

  • more than 38 hours per week, or an average of 38 hours per week over a roster cycle
  • more than 11 hours on any day

Parental leave

All eligible* employees have entitlements to unpaid parental leave with paid employer leave subject to the employer’s policies.*Eligibility is based on length of service and can also apply to casuals.

Employer paid leave isn’t to be confused with the government’s paid parental scheme – which can be in addition to an employer’s paid leave entitlements (if any).

What needs to be provided when offering employment?

Although you don’t legally need to provide a formal contract/offer (click here to read one of our many other articles on why we reckon you should), what you should provide will be based on whether you’re a state or national system employer and the various compliance matters you have as an employer:

  • Fair Work Information Statement (national system)
  • Superannuation Choice form
  • Tax File Declaration
  • Then there are other best practice matters to consider like:
    • Key policies
    • Collecting employee information such as next of kin and bank details

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